Our Normal 8 Week Challenge Done From The Comfort Of Your Own Home!

Ready to drop that unwanted body fat and sculpt a stunning athletic body in just 8 weeks from the comfort of your home?


"Last Chance To Be Bikini Ready In 8 Weeks"
Ready to drop that unwanted body fat and sculpt a stunning athletic body in just 8 weeks?
Programme designed by a WBFF Bikini Pro
Ladies - Join Us on The Famous Sculptin8 Challenge!

Sculptin8 – the world-famous online plan for women who want to lose bodyfat, build beautiful lean muscle, AND be in with a chance of winning amazing fitness and wellness prizes for Best Transformation!

From Charlie Johnson of CJ Coaching, delivered by Holly Howells, WBFF Bikini Pro

Why does it seem like some girls get in insane shape quickly and just know how to stay there – effortlessly? How do they get that athletic, sexy look to their body whilst staying healthy and full of energy? You know the look I mean – small but toned, lean but shaped… they just look amazing, like they’ve mastered the art of training and eating for a gorgeous healthy female physique!

Let me show you how

  •  If you know how you want to look, but always struggle to lose body fat 
  • ​ If you’ve been in shape before and miss it - but don’t want to restrict
  • ​If you love training but don’t know how the best way to get your desired look
  • ​ If you’d love to work with a WBFF Pro Bikini athlete as your coach

Sculptin8 is for you!

8 weeks is the perfect amount of time for a body transformation. You can achieve the body of your dreams in 8 weeks – if you have expert advice, coaching support, and a personalised diet and training plan.
"Last Chance To Be Bikini Ready In 8 Weeks"
We Start Tomorrow!
Program starts Tomorrow!

..... or start later at your OWN PACE

Why wait? If your happy to wait you can start with the main program and enter into the competition for the best transformation!

However if your eager to get started RIGHT NOW you can get immediate access to get this incredible transformation!

How will YOU spend the next 8 weeks?
  • Option A) second-guessing your training, overcomplicating your nutrition, feeling frustrated with slow progress and getting demotivated?
  • Option B) Joining Sculptin8 and receiving your personalised nutrition and training plans from Charlie Johnson and Holly Howells, with Holly as your online coach?​
There’s only one smart answer. Make the most of those 8 weeks. You can’t get the time back. But you CAN join Sculptin8.
We will be doing the whole journey alongside you!

"Last Chance To Be Bikini Ready In 8 Weeks"
We Start Tomorrow!
Win Big Prizes! 
Full List at The Bottom of the Page

Success Story: Gemma from UK

"Great coach - my first time using online coaching and it is incredible how well it works! I lost tonnes of fat and gained more muscle mass in 8 weeks - and I am still improving!" 
A Note From Your Coach...
Hey 😊 Welcome to Sculptin8. The fitness industry is full of online plans and programmes, but most of them fall well short of what women actually need. Sculptin8 is different. I’m working with world-famous body transformation coach Charlie Johnson to bring this amazing plan to women ONLY. That’s why it will work for you – it’s not a male “shred” programme just repackaged for women. It’s been designed by me, for you, using all my knowledge, education, training, and experience. I’m a Personal Trainer and coach, but I’ve also transformed my own body to the ultimate extent – winning WBFF Bikini competitions and becoming a WBFF Pro.
You might not want to step on stage, but I promise if you use these methods you will get your own version of those insane results. A smaller waist, lean abs, great glutes, long athletic lines and the unbeatable confidence that comes with a body transformation.
Training is about more than how you look. It changes your mindset, gives you strength in other areas, shows you what you’re capable of. Sculptin8 will show you how to appreciate your body and everything it can do.
Let me be your coach, and let Sculptin8 be your plan. Over 8 weeks, we will work together to build your ultimate physique. You’ll feel so proud and excited at the results of your hard work and dedication.
I’ll give you all the information, resources, and support you need. Ready to join us? Sign up now, I can’t wait to have you on board!
Holly x

Want To Master Your Mindset & Physique?
It’s Summer 2020. Parties, BBQs, holidays, weddings… You feel 100% confident with your body, able to wear any outfit, knowing you’ll look fire. Why? Because you did Sculptin8. You knew exactly what to do. You had rock solid motivation. You trained the best way for your body, and you worked with an expert coach who had your back every step of the way.
That’s the reality when you join Sculptin8.

Summer 2020 – We Are Ready for You!
Get in shape EARLY this year! Be lean, energised, and ready to enjoy summer!!
Don't leave it late and spend the year wondering how you could have looked…
At just £99 for Early Bird sales price, Sculptin8 really is insane value!

Success Story: Justina, from England

“I absolutely love the 8 Week Sculpt program, it’s become a way of life! Both the diet and training work really well. And if you need alternatives, Charlie & Holly are there to help and support! I’m work full time in a stressful job, so I have to be fit and strong! This program surpassed all my expectations!”
Why Does Sculptin8 Get Women Lean In 8 Weeks?
Sculptin8 is a female fat loss programme designed by a female coach, PT, and Pro bikini competitor. It’s not written for men, or by men. It’s specific to YOU – as it should be!
Sculptin8 coach Holly Howells has packaged it all up into one easy-to-follow plan, and put it out there so you can discover the secrets of lean, healthy fitness experts.

Win Big Prizes! 
Full List at The Bottom of the Page


"Last Chance To Be Bikini Ready In 8 Weeks"
We Start Tomorrow!
Program starts Tomorrow!

Why wait until the 2nd of March? If your happy to wait you can start with the main program and enter into the competition for the best transformation!

Start Your 8-Week Fat Loss Transformation - NOW!
What’s the difference between you and the girls you see in the gym or online with great bodies? It’s not genetics, or work ethic, or where they train.
That’s the only thing holding you back from feeling like that – confident, outgoing, proud of your amazing body and kickass fitness mindset.
Sculptin8 is my best female fat loss and weight training information with personalised plans, video guides, exercise techniques, recipes, grocery lists, and coach feedback - all delivered to your phone via my app.

Ready To Achieve Results Like These?
These ladies were on the previous Sculptin8 programs
The program was easy to follow, I achieved incredible results, the tips, knowledge and structure from the program knocked my body for six to achieve some incredible results! This program really broke down the why in terms of the timing of nutrition, training and recovery to MAXIMISE my results! - Holly from the UK
INSTAGRAM HANDLE : holly.marchant
“Brilliant program from a guy who is obviously very knowledgeable and passionate about what he does. His workouts are excellent and you don't need to spend hours in the gym to get the desired results. The diet is simple to follow. You have all the information in front of you in a handy app which you can take with you to the gym. I'm feeling good with a lot more energy, and loving the results in the mirror - and on the scales!” Lyla
INSTAGRAM HANDLE : lylabernard
Starting Tomorrow!

"Last Chance To Be Bikini Ready In 8 Weeks"
We Start Tomorrow!

Program starts Now!
I would like to thank you once again for providing a great program. I got in the best shape of my life, The program was super simple to follow and the diet enjoyable with lots of sweet bits and a weekly cheat meal! Ria from the UK
“Charlies program has allowed me to feel amazing, lose bodyfat and massively increase my energy levels, before the program i was always lethargic and could never lose weight, by the end of the program i felt energised and also lost a lot of bodyfat including just under 2 inches off my waist!" - Catherine, UK
“Best Transformation” Wins This Bundle of 11 Fitness Prizes!
Need more motivation to get involved? I’ve got my favourite industry friends and brands to contribute to this HUGE prize - you could win it for the BEST transformation!
  • £500 CASH!
  •  A 1-2-1 Training Session with ME
  •  A Training Accessory Bundle from TUFF WRAPS worth over £130
  •  A supplement bundle from Muscle Nation
  •  A clothing bundle from Muscle Nation
  •  CJ COACHING Hoodie and T Shirt
  •  A Photo shoot with Mr Media Creations
  • ​Several Pairs of Legend London Jeans
  • ​Two Months Supply of Egg whites from Two Chicks
  • ​CBD Bundle from Herb Guru CBD
Who Is Sculptin8 for?
  • ​YOU - if you want to get leaner, sculpt your body, and look beautifully athletic!
  • ​YOU - if you want to maintain it through 2020, you need to start NOW!
  • ​YOU - if you are still feeling out of shape and heavy from Christmas!
  • YOU - if you want to learn how to eat and train for a lean body for life!
FAQs For Sculptin8
What results can I expect?
This 8-week plan will help you drop incredible amounts of body fat and build muscle in all the right place. Results will depend on your start point. But you will look leaner and more sculpted by the end – check out our typical results above!

Is the training and diet personalised?
Yes. I will design your plan around your start point and your desired end goal. Training takes into account gym or home workouts. Diet is designed around allergies and preferences.

Why will this be different to anything I've tried before?
If something doesn’t work, it’s because the plan was bad or you didn’t have support ad motivation. With Scuptin8 you get our best, most up to date plan plus the ongoing support of Holly Howells for 8 weeks.

Is Sculptin8 suitable for Men?
Sorry, this is for women only.

I travel a lot/I'm not a member of a gym/I find it hard to get to the gym…
You don't need access to a gym, or weights, or any specific equipment. I will design your plan training plan to use home workouts or outdoor training.

I'm a vegetarian/vegan, can I do this plan?
Yes. I personalise the diet (and training) part of the plan for everybody on an individual basis. Any dietary preferences will be respected and taken into account.

Can I access my plan on a desktop computer?
This plan has been designed to work through my free app, but you can access all the information via a computer I recommend the app for convenience, especially the food lists and exercise video guides.

Is There 24-Hour Support?
Immense? You’ll get access to our closed, private Facebook group with everyone else doing the current Sculptin8. Holly is in there too, answering questions and offering support - plus the other members will share their ideas too.

How does the app system work? Let me show you!
What are you waiting for?
Start your 8 week journey alongside Holly now!!
"Last Chance To Be Bikini Ready In 8 Weeks"
We Start Tomorrow!
Program starts Tomorrow!

We start Tomorrow
 - don’t leave it too late and spend another year wondering “what if”. This is what you need. Take action and join us!
See you soon!
Holly x
P.S: Sculptin8 will not be running again until the Summer 2020 – so if you want to be in shape in time for Summer weddings, parties, and your holiday, START NOW! Don’t have regrets girls!
PPS: Getting in shape is more fun with a friend! Share this with one of your friends and get her to Sculptin8 too!
I am so confident in the quality of this plan that I offer a 100% money-back guarantee. If you’ve put in the work, but you’re not happy with your results at the end of the 8 weeks, I will refund the cost of the programme. 
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